Ready to build, manage, and grow your own podcast?! If you're looking for help to DIY your own show and are not quite ready to hire us, this shop is for you! 

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Ready to Launch?

These guides will help you launch with less stress and more confidence in your next steps.

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Hello Podcast Launch Guide is a DIY launch management system that will help streamline your podcast production with customizable Trello board templates, episode card templates, and multiple video tutorials! This is perfect for the podcaster looking to gain some guidance to start their show!

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Are you looking to put yourself out there and get featured on other shows? Then the Hello Podcast Launch guide is the perfect direction for you if you’re trying to increase your personal brand awareness. You’ll receive customizable templates to pitch your brand to others.

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The Podcast Audit is a deep dive, focused look into your podcast, looking at what you’re doing amazing in, and going over ways you could improve and optimize your show for the future.

We look at branding, marketing, audio production and quality control, and SEO optimization. 

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This roadmap demystifies DIY podcast production.

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The Podcast Producer Roadmap 

Hello Podcast Media’s Podcast Producer Roadmap streamlines the production time of your show and takes you from editing to producing in a fraction of the time! The roadmap takes you beyond DIY editing. 

Let's Monetize & Grow!

Learn how to make money from your podcast.

Join Hello Podcast Media’s very first masterclass with CEO and podcast production manager Brittany Rincón on how you can earn profit from your podcast. You’ll be learning 5 ways to monetize your show from DAY 1! 


The Podcasting for Profit Masterclass