We'll take your vision through our podcasting design framework to build a show you will adore and that your listeners will binge - leading to more sales and leads for your business.

Our full-service podcast launch service for coaches, course creators, consultants, and educators.

The Hello Podcast Launch

👉🏼 Here’s how we make that happen for you with our podcast launch service… 

Every time you sit down to map out your content and plan the specifics, the details start choking your motivation and your brain goes straight to "Houston, we have a problem" before you can even conceptualize the lift-off. 🚀

When you start to evaluate all the time you’ll need to write content, shop for equipment, learn new software, and the countless hours you’ll spend recording, editing, and marketing your show, you wonder if it will all be worth it in the end. 😰

 And the truth is…. you’re not wrong for thinking this way.

You’ve been running your business long enough to know just how much your ⏰ time affects your 💵 revenue. 

👉🏼 You make decisions based on the numbers.

You know a podcast has the potential to grow your audience but quite frankly, learning new software and editing your episodes isn’t exactly how you envisioned scaling your business.

Here’s the good news.

Launching a podcast that generates consistent leads and revenue for your business can be easy - you just need the right strategy, tools, and systems. 

You’ve been putting this off for a while. 

Listen, we know how it goes…

We handle the technical side of things including getting your show approved on Apple, Spotify, & Google, setting it up with a hosting service, and building an editing system that we’ll fine-tune and handover to you, your VA, or podcast manager.

Podcast Production

File Management, Content Calendars, and Project Management Systems to set you up with a solid foundation for a sustainable show.

Done-For-You System Set Up

Because generating leads is what we're after. Before we get into the nitty-gritty details, we'll look at the big picture and focus on how your show will lead listeners to your offers.

Marketing Strategy

Our Approach to Your Podcast Launch

Step-by-step guidance and resources to start a podcast completely from scratch in as little as two weeks.

Content creation and organization strategies to maintain and produce a weekly podcast.

Additional streams of income through monetized podcast content.

Hours of time saved redirected toward client work and product creation.

Results Our Clients Have Seen

"Brittany's five steps to starting a podcast helped me go from feeling lost and stuck in the mud to feeling confident with a clear plan. I got my podcast launched in 2 weeks with her support and help! I absolutely couldn't have done it without her." Jenzaia, The Market, Scale, Grow Podcast

From lost and stuck in the mud to feeling confident with a clear plan.

Create binge-worthy episodes that turn brand new audience members into loyal listeners who resonate with your brand and are eager to connect with you. 

Attract a bigger audience on autopilot while you work with your clients behind the scenes.

 Generate Leads

Position yourself as an expert by providing valuable content for your growing audience and as a featured guest for podcasts with similar audiences. 

Find your voice as an industry leader and become a sought-after podcast guest.

Showcase Your Thought Leadership

Add clients to your roster and take on more money-making tasks while we take on the nuts and bolts of launching your podcast.

 Imagine all you could accomplish while someone else manages the production and strategy of your show.

Reclaim Your Time


"Brittany walked me through podcasting from step one and she continues to be a really supportive, knowledgeable mentor! I would never have started The Teaching History Her Way Podcast without her guidance and support and most of all encouragement. I’m really excited about my new venture and I have Brittany to thank for giving me the confidence to take the leap." - CherylAnne, Teaching History, Her Way Podcast

Brittany is a really knowledgeable and supportive mentor.

Take the First Step

"When I started this podcast journey, I knew I needed and wanted support so I sought out an expert in helping teachers get their podcast off the ground. I can't express how truly grateful I am to work with Brittany." - Rosalba, Rethinking with Rosalba Podcast

I can't express how truly grateful I am!

Payment plans of $2,000 for 3 months are available!



+ Lead magnet aligned to episode topics
+ Show notes template
+ Google Drive set-up
+ 12 episodes edited, produced and uploaded to hosting site
+ Guest management system 
+ 2 social media graphics created per episode

+ Launch plan creation
+ Submission to Apple Podcasts, Google, Spotify, etc.
+ Podcast hosting set-up
+ Strategy plan created to align your niche and your goals and your episodes
+ Season outlined (12 episodes or 90-day plan)

what's included

Everything you need to launch the first season of your podcast.

Podcast Full Season Launch

next step

Together, we'll start by making some big decisions about your podcast including the launch date, show format, and episode length.

We’ll help you find recording equipment and software that fits your budget and skill set.

Then, our team will get to work behind the scenes to start arranging the groundwork pieces that will go into your launch.


01. Plan the Launch

next step

We’ll help you identify your podcast audience and industry niche to design a brand that will be recognizable and trusted.

We'll also design content pillars for your show that align with your sales strategy.

branding your podcast

02. Brand strategy

next step

We’ll help you figure out exactly what to say using the Hello Podcast Media content creation framework.

We'll write the first 12 episode scripts together and then design an easy episode planning system that is customized to you.

creating content

03. content creation

next step

You start recording episodes, pass them off to us, and we'll get to work:

- Editing the first 12 episodes of your podcast
- Writing show notes
- Uploading the episodes to your podcast host service

producing your podcast

04. podcast production

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 Hype up your podcast launch on your marketing platforms with branded graphics we've designed for you!


05. launch your show

Designing a podcast involves a lot of moving pieces. 🧩

Ideally, it consists of…. ✨ polished production, ⚙️ user-friendly editing software & systems, and 🖊 effortless content creation.

But most importantly, your podcast needs to revolve around a crystal clear marketing strategy that will convert listeners to clients. 💸

That’s where I come in. 🙋🏻‍♀️

My #1 goal for your podcast launch is to set you up with branding, content creation systems, and a customized production toolkit so that your podcast gets you more leads on autopilot. 

And while I WILL 🤓 geek out on the details, 

(because I’m obsessed with the twists and turns of the podcasting industry - seriously, it’s where my head lives)

 👉🏼 I’m going to help you design a podcast strategy that will focus on the big picture of your unique business.

After all, your podcast is something that represents you, your thought leadership, your brand….and it should be something that you can be proud of. 

Hi, I’m Brittany - Marketing Strategist, Podcast Manager, and Founder of Hello Podcast Media.

Meet your Podcast Launch Manager

Podcasts we’ve worked with

It’s time to breathe life into your vision so that your voice can reach the ears of listeners whose names are waiting to be added to your client roster. 

How much money are you leaving on the table while your ideas for your podcast launch sit on your desktop?

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