Because you're too busy to manage all the in's and out's of your podcast, but that shouldn't stop you from leveraging your show to grow your business. Say goodbye to software learning curves and endless episode to-do lists and let us do what we do best.

Podcast editing, production, and management ​​for entrepreneurs who want to reclaim their time and extend their reach with podcasting.

Podcast Management Services

You’re tired of trying to do it all 😥.

Between client work, content creation, team member onboarding, lead generation, and sales calls, you often find yourself in situations where you have to ⚖️ choose between one or the other.

Because let’s face it, it’s just humanly impossible to squeeze everything into an ⏰ 8-hour workday. 

(c’mon, let’s be real 🤷🏻‍♀️, some days it's more like 10 or 12)

👉🏼 You shouldn’t have to sacrifice your sanity for consistency.

It’s time to declutter your 🗒 to-do list and hand over the reins to someone who will not only manage and maintain your show but also drive audience growth and leads for your business.

You’ve been wearing too many hats for way too long and it’s coming at a cost.

Let's be real for a sec…

Each month we'll send you a cheat sheet report of your podcast analytics so you can be in the know about downloads, ratings, and reviews.

Data tracking to keep you informed about how your show is performing 

You focus on the vision of your show and leave the nitty-gritty details to us. The only thing you'll be responsible for is the recording of your podcast.

Streamlined systems & procedures to keep you organized and on track

We infuse show notes, audio selections, and graphics with keywords that will resonate with your audience and stand out in your industry. 

We handle each episode from a marketing perspective

How we're different from other podcast management services:

Freedom to focus on other areas of their businesses

Confidence in their thought leadership and production quality

Access to other podcast audiences through guest interviews

Countless hours and $$$$ saved and redirected toward tasks that scale their business revenue

Our service gives our clients…

"Brittany walked me through podcasting from step one and she continues to be a really supportive, knowledgeable mentor! I would never have started The Teaching History Her Way Podcast without her guidance and support and most of all encouragement. I’m really excited about my new venture and I have Brittany to thank for giving me the confidence to take the leap." - CherylAnne, Teaching History Her Way Podcast

Brittany is a really knowledgeable and supportive mentor.

Add clients to your roster and take on more money-making tasks while we take on the behind-the-scenes pieces. Leave the tedious tasks to us so you focus on the business-building ones.

Turn your attention toward the pieces in your business that require clarity and focus.

Reclaim your time

Use the data we gather to inform your decisions about episode topics and warm up your audience for your next product or service launch.

Stop making guesses about what will attract more listeners.

Level up your marketing strategy

Your podcast should reflect the quality of your brand. Our touch to your episodes will leave your audience wanting more, and begging to work with you. We can grow your show by increasing downloads and turn listeners into customers.

Leverage our high-quality software, polished skill set, and industry knowledge to boost the quality of your show. that we use on a daily basis to manage all of our clients' shows.

Elevate your production


Take the First Step

"Brittany's five steps to starting a podcast helped me go from feeling lost and stuck in the mud to feeling confident with a clear plan. I got my podcast launched in 2 weeks with her support and help! I absolutely couldn't have done it without her." - Jenzaia, The Market, Scale, Grow Podcast

From lost and stuck in the mud to feeling confident with a clear plan.

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starting at $2,500/mo


+ Up to 5 podcast episodes edited per month
+ Up to 5 show notes written for episodes
+ Episodes uploaded to host and scheduled
+ 1 audiogram/reel created per episode
+ Monthly data analytics report
+ Branded virtual recording studio 
+ Live producer during recordings available

Premium Package:

starting at $1,400/mo


+ Up to 5 podcast episodes edited per month
+ Up to 5 show notes and graphics created for episodes
+ Episodes uploaded to host and scheduled
+ 1 audiogram/reel created per episode
+ Monthly data analytics report

Standard Package:

choose the option that works best for your business

Our Podcast Management Services



next step

Record the episodes and send the mp3, mp4, or WAV files to us.

time to record


next step

We'll use our high-quality software and workflow systems to produce polished and professional episodes complete with teaser clips, intro music, and mixed audio levels.



We'll upload our final audio file along with show notes to your podcast host and update your podcast pages on your website.

uploading and updates

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Meet your podcast manager

Designing a podcast involves a lot of moving pieces. 🧩

Ideally, it consists of…. ✨ polished production, ⚙️ user-friendly editing software & systems, and 🖊 effortless content creation.

But most importantly, your podcast needs to revolve around a crystal clear marketing strategy that will convert listeners to clients. 💸

That’s where I come in. 🙋🏻‍♀️

My #1 goal for your podcast launch is to set you up with branding, content creation systems, and a customized production toolkit so that your podcast gets you more leads on autopilot. 

And while I WILL 🤓 geek out on the details, 

(because I’m obsessed with the twists and turns of the podcasting industry - seriously, it’s where my head lives)

 👉🏼 I’m going to help you design a podcast strategy that will focus on the big picture of your unique business.

After all, your podcast is something that represents you, your thought leadership, your brand….and it should be something that you can be proud of. 

Hi, I’m Brittany - Marketing Strategist, Podcast Manager, and Founder of Hello Podcast Media.

Podcasts we’ve worked with

Imagine how you could scale your business without having to frantically worry about whether or not you uploaded the mp3 for the week? 

It's time to put the tedious details of running a podcast out of mind so that you can prioritize the CEO decisions and tasks that deserve your attention.

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